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Dutpinar Gida, which has carried out activities in different branches of food sector including production activity for long years, has produced wide range of molasses as one of the most important nutrition cultures and palatal delight and brought mankind and traditional and natural products together. In a period in which global economic balance is very sensitive and positive effect of natural food consumption on human health is understood better, our Company started its production activity in 2005. Molasses, which holds its initial power amid changing consumption values, is now produced through modern methods although it was produced in traditional and primitive conditions in the past. Dutpınar Gıda, which industrially produces all kinds of molasses in continuous system (completely closed to the atmosphere outside) by using fruit juice technology, is very ambitious to add entirely different and significant dimension to molasses production. Our production plant is located in an area of 20.000 m2 in Malatya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and has the capacity of producing 12 ton molasses on a daily basis in 4000 m enclosed area. Additionally, the plant holds the unit for carob crush and treatment in 2200 m enclosed area. Our Company, which holdsTS-EN-ISO 9000 Quality Management System and 22000 Food Safety Management System certificates, feels right proud of making production in convenient conditions for human health, through a modern and scientific method following analysis and observations.

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