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Our company was established in 1956. At the begining, we have produced flour with a capacity of 15 tons/day. In 1969, We have become the second largest producer of flour in the region. In order to expand our fields of activity and assess market demands, we have decided to invest pasta/macaroni in 1972. We have started production with 6 tons of pasta per day in 1974 with the newest technology at that time in Turkey, we were able to reach a capacity of 30 tons per day by importing advanced machinery technology from Italy in the years 1980-1986 . During this period, we have increased our capacity and renewed our continuing investments on increasing product quality. Our capacity has reached to 40 tons / day in 1990, 60 tons / day in 1994, 100 tons / in 1998 and 200 tons in the early 2000s.With new investments in 2013, we have increased capacity of our milling to 600 tons / day capacity of wheat, 200 tons / day of spaghetti, 200 tons / day short pasta and in total 400 tons / day.

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