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Durum Gıda, the producer of Arbella Pasta, was founded in 2002. After the incorporation with Canadian-based company AGT Food And Ingredients in 2009, it was started to trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Arbella is one of the leading producers of pasta and semolina. Arbella is among the top ten largest pasta companies in the world in terms of production capacity and export potential. Arbella has an annual production capacity of 180 thousand tons of semolina and 160 thousand tons of pasta. Arbella is exporting pasta to nearly a hundred countries in a wide geographical area ranging from African countries to EU countries or from Japan to Canada. Arbella Pasta continues to work without interruption for the demands and needs of consumers in Turkey and the world by using his product diversity and packaging technology. In addition to 28 varieties of pasta, product range of Arbella includes whole wheat pasta, gluten-free corn pasta, pasta with vitamins and minerals for families with children, pasta with vegetables. Arbella, which has provided lasagna and tagliatelle varieties to consumers for the first time in Turkey, has a name on performing research and development studies on pasta production. Arbella is not only the producer of pasta with lentil and chikpea for the first time in Turkey, but also the producer of pasta with grape-seed for the first time in the world. Easy-open spaghetti and bundle spaghetti which is divided into portions to contribute to balanced nutrition are the best examples of innovations in packaging technologies offered to consumers by Arbella.

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