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15-year experience and food tradition with Trabzon installed in the production facility with a 6,500 m2 indoor area which is one of Turkey's elite nuts brand Crispy Crunchy Nuts, 20 main dealers and 20 sub-dealers, with expert staff and extensive service vehicle fleet is a world-class service It serves. High production technology, modern and healthy packaging system, the products packaged without touching the hands, has reached the favorable position by collecting the appreciation of consumers in each region. In addition, it exports to Holland and neighboring countries with its branch established in Netherlands and many other countries in Europe and Germany. Energetic, participatory, human and environment-friendly production and sales success; CIT CIT KURUYEMIS, which has come to the present day by reinforcing it with its planned, systematic, serious and disciplined works, continues its R & D works to create new packaging designs and product concepts.

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