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BGS Burhanlar Gıda Turizm ve Tic. Inc. as; Antalya blends the natural flavors of the region with 32 years of work and experience, we produce the best quality fruit juices for all of Turkey. In 1998 Cliffs brand with Turkey's largest fruit juice and fruit syrup manufacturer has become our company, that is produced in our own factory and all of Turkey to provide the industry with high-quality fruit juices and fruit drinks continues to grow every day. BGS AS, which has 32 years of experience, quality and innovation, is a product of our company. We choose the most beautiful, the freshest and the best of the fruits, which are the source of health and taste of our lives with their unique tastes, shapes and fragrances. In our own production facility located in the 1st section of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, we bring you the most natural tastes with the best health conditions and the opportunities offered by the latest technology and our 32 years of experience. The main policy of our company is to become the leading company that can compete in the sector by focusing on productivity and quality in service and product production within the framework of high quality production standards and competitive market economy rules which increase in parallel with the rapidly developing technology in our country and in the world.

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