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Çakırmelikoğlu Mineral Water Enterprises, established in 1997 in Girisun's Inişdibi town, carries out the sectoral growth by integrating the deep-rooted values ​​of the family company with the dynamics of today. Çakırmelikoğlu first natural fruit-flavored mineral water production in Turkey, one of the organizations that the Mineral Water Enterprises, has a cold surface as the rare mineral water source in the world. The new factory opened in İnegöl-Kurşunlu, Bursa, in order to be closer to the big metropolises in 2007; 20.000 m2 closed area and environmental arrangement has been completed. Bursa with the famous green nature Leaded Factory Established in Uludag's slopes, 200,000 bottles / hour with a production capacity of Turkey is one of the newest and most modern facilities. In order to create a protected area, a 90-acre area around the source was purchased.

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