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Lazzari-Tamburini, a small precision subcontractor workshop was inaugurated in Rimini in 1974. After several years distinguished by constantly growing production and sales trends, a new company was established with clear expansion goals in the production of machines for specific sectors like the hotel and catering businesses. The year is 1979 and the new company was called FIMAR. Thus the production of meat grinders, graters and combined machines took off. Following the high acclaim received in those years at the Milan Expo, FIMAR launched the production of spiral kneaders in four different models in 1980. Since then, production and business development and expansion have grown at the same rate and now FIMAR is recognised in Italy, Europe and the world as a synonym of reliable and technologically advanced products. Technological research, constant attention to market demand, experience and capacity in applying these demands to production have led the company to achieve exciting goals which are the building blocks for FIMAR's development of new ideas and new models. Today the company produces a wide range of machines in a myriad of different models that meet the continually grow needs of large and small restaurants but also bars, fast food and anyone who seeks advanced, efficient, practical and easy to maintain products for their work. Additionally, FIMAR has always been attentive to post-sales service offering its customers top quality technical and sales assistance. It is now widespread throughout Italy, Europe and the world, from Africa to the Middle East, from Australia to America, Russia and Asia. FIMAR's roots are now well-planted in the Rimini hinterland, in Villa Verucchio, in production facilities covering 12,000 square meters in continual expansion. It has achieved high quality standards and precise internal inspection and control procedures meeting all EC marking European regulations. Consolidated and bolstered by 30 years of experience, FIMAR's young staff is open to new ideas and change, ready to take on new challenges and reach the highest goals.

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