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Revala Ltd.’s main goal is to offer you cost-saving alternatives while maintaining the quality of the end product. Being a fast growing company, we are still flexible in terms of our customers’ needs and also provide small quantities. The company was established in 1990 as a logistics and storage service provider for the milk industry. Since then we have developed a reliable network of suppliers and customers. At the end of the 1990s we launched our original range of milk-based powder blends and started independent trading. Our milk-based powder blends are prepared according to unique recipes owned by Revala Ltd. We use only the best Estonian dairy produce. The raw materials are controlled and of EU origin. The brand “Revala” is for everybody who likes ice cream. There are many different ways to use our ice cream powders – for gelato, HoReCa sector, factories and even for home usage! The milk-based powder blends are excellent ingredients for biscuits, candy, chocolate, ice-cream, milk-based desserts, milk-based drinks, dried soups, sauces and more. We provide creative milk powder solutions to optimise the economic aspects of final food products, maintaining quality and taste. The range of products offered by Revala Ltd. include high quality products made from tested and homogeneous raw materials. Professionalism, strict quality values and competence have contributed to our development, as well as the interest and trust of our customers. Our wide range of products make it possible for us to select the most suitable option. We also offer custom-made milk-based powder blends according to our customers’ ecipes. Our main customers are international trading companies and dairy product manufacturers. We export to Russia, Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

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