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Aymar Oil and Food Industry. Inc. It brings the flavors of Turkey, with brands indispensable to the table for many years. Using the latest technology, consumers are proud of their taste. Since 1979 this until Turkey's most preferred oil brand, "Aymar" I Katıp the company structure in 2003 after integrating with the title, the brand has also introduced the consumer with a brand new identity and innovative perspective. Aymar Oil and Food Industry Inc., in 2010 has continued with a large and well-established brands with a commitment to invest in Turkey's field Çapamark first floor and was also the site Vita. With fully-equipped technological production facilities; He returned his legendary fat to the shelves and kitchens. Çapamarka was established on a 2400 m2 closed area with a daily production capacity of 120 tons / day and a wide product range.

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