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We Lending rich flavor and exotic aroma to the world, we are fast growing exporters of traditional Organic Indian spices. Description The business is Wholesaler , Retailer, Manufacturer, Processor & Exporter of Indian Spices. SanghDev Spices renowned for its relationship with Dealers, Cultivators and End Users, those who want to buy a small amount of Spice through "SanghDev". You can make payments online if you want. One just cannot imagine food without spices…… Spices form a very important ingredient in all kinds of cuisines. They add a special flavour to food which turns a simple recipe into an exotic fare. In short, spices give a fulfillment to the whole eating experience. And who will know the importance of spices better than us. Our Reach Our relentless pursuit of excellence has seen our reputation cross international borders to various countries like Holland, France, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, China, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A. and more. Our customers have shown an immense faith on us and have placed repeated orders appreciating our efforts to meet their expectations. Products dealt by us: 1 Black Pepper 2 Dry Ginger 3 Turmeric Fingers 4 Nutmeg 5 Red Chilly 6 Cumin Seeds 7 Fennel Seeds 8 Fenugreek seeds 9 Corrainder Seeds 10 Galanagal Roots(kolinjan) 11 Sesame Seeds 12 Annatto Seed Whole 13 Basil Sweet 14 Cardamom Whole 15 Chili Powder 16 Cinnamon 1 inch 17 Cloves Whole 18 Coriander Whole 19 Crushed Red Hot Peppers 20 Cumin Whole 21 Curry Powder 22 Fennel Seed Whole 23 Fenugreek Seed Whole 24 Garam Masala 25 Garlic Minced 26 Ginger Root 27 Mace Ground 28 Mustard Seed Whole 29 Nutmeg Whole 30 Peppercorns Mixed 31 Red Hot Pepper 32 Rosemary 33 Sage Leaves 34 Sesame Seeds Black Sesame 35 Star Anise 36 Star Anise Seed 37 Turmeric Ground 38 Dill Seed 39 Basil 40 Ajwanseed

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