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Established in 1954, Nur Kollektif Company has been dealing with the buying-selling of 127 items of Pulses, Spices, Birdseeds as listed in the attached, in Turkey and foreign countries for 51 years. Nur Kolletif Company is exactly a family-owned company operated by Mr. Baykal Güner and his soosn, Ahmet Kamil Güler, Ertuğrul Kamil Güler and Kerem Güler. Each person is a specialized, hardworking, honest, esteemed businessman having necessary knowledge and experience in his own subject. Ahmet Kamil Güner handles the distribution of pulses, spices, Doğadan Herbal Teas, Meatball and Spices Blends, Olives and other foodstuff to EU countries under the brand name BAYNUR from our distribution center in Nature of Land bv.-Rotterdam.

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