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Sacla' - those irresistibly Italian food people This is where we share our story with you, from our humble beginnings all the way to a store near you. A genuine and spirited Italian company, still run by the founding family, our passion for food is what we're all about. Enjoy this journey of adventure and discovery, just like we have, and join us in celebrating the love of great Italian food. Who we are Our story begins in Asti about seventy years ago. Signor Secondo Ercole took a long look at the bounty of food grown in Piedmont, North West Italy, and decided to bring it to the world. From the humble beginnings of canning vegetables he's helped us to prosper into one of Italy's most progressive food companies today. Sacla' stands for the Societa' Anonima Commercio Lavorazione Alimentari, and is still passionately run by a family of food-lovers dedicated to the production of fine Italian foods. Today our credo remains the same We use only the finest of fresh ingredients, we recreate mainly traditional Italian recipes, and we ensure that all our products are made in Italy. Now run by the second and third generations of the Ercole family, Sacla' remains a growing company, seventy years on. In fact you join us every time you cook with us. Our Way Three generations of the Ercole family have shaped our cultural roots. From 1939 until now each generation has built on the company's spirit of creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. Everything, in fact, that's at the heart of our philosophy and culture today. We'd like to introduce them to you. Carlo Ercole, elder son of our founder, has been the inspiration behind our creativity. Blessed with the fertile soil of the Piedmonte region and its abundant produce, his sense of adventure when combining local ingredients is the secret behind the products we love so much. Lorenzo Ercole, younger son of the founder, has given us the technical expertise to capture the full flavour of our produce, always picked at the peak of its perfection. His easy-going management style and respect for the seasonality of ingredients has helped us to protect and develop our longstanding relationships with the local community. Especially the farmers, who we consider our partners. Giuseppe Ercole, son of Carlo and now the chairman of Sacla UK, has given us a new energy to promote national and regional Italian cooking throughout the world. Here's to the next generation of the Ercole family. May their dedication to excellence remain at the heart of everything we do.

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