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This recipe brings together a classic of French cooking with 3moretti Sicilian oranges to create a tasty dessert or snack that’s perfect for sharing with good company.Preparing the batter, which is the basis of this recipe, is the first step. Mix the milk and sugar in a bowl, then gradually add the flour. The important thing is to end up with a smooth batter without lumps that is of the proper consistency. For best results, use a French whisk. Finally, add the egg and the Sicilian orange zest.Allow the batter to stand in the refrigerator for about ten minutes before moving on to the stove. Rub the surface of an anti-stick pan with butter and heat the pan on a burner. Using a ladle, pour the prepared batter into the pan, beginning in the center and moving outward toward the edges as you pour. At the same time, rotate the pan to distribute the batter evenly as if you were making an omelet. When the crêpe is done on one side, flip to cook the other as well. Fill the crêpe with orange marmalade and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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