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Founded in 1989 by Kazim Morning Günaydınlar Company Limited is a progressive and innovative organizations active in the manufacture and export of dried fruit, which has an important place in Turkey's economy. Günaydınlar Limited Company has an important place in the export of dried figs, dried apricots, pine nuts, seedless raisins and dry berries. We are continuing with our professional approach and 100% customer satisfaction in every field from the experience and knowledge of our past to our after-sales customer relations. Günaydınlar Limited Company, which gives importance to quality, hygiene and technology in production, has many international quality certificates including ISO -22000, BRC, IFS and Organic certificates. Günaydınlar Limited Company has been serving with its staff of 300 people in the packaging facility established on a land of 12.000 square meters closed area located in Aydın - İncirliova district. Günaydınlar Limited Company is open to new ideas, dynamic and constantly developing new technology and is looking for the latest technology and information.

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