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We value our business relationships and strive to preserve and strengthen our partnerships everywhere.We take pride in our family's farming legacy and North Carolina's history as a top sweet potato producer. These values shape the company that we are today and how we grow in the future.Highest quality sweet potatoes is our #1 priority. We maintain several food certifications that confirm our focus on superior operations. Rock Ridge Farms created Boyette Brothers Produce in 2012. Four generations of Boyettes have operated Rock Ridge Farms, which continues to grow sweet potatoes, peanuts, corn, soybeans and other crops on more than 7,000 acres. While the farm harvests a variety of crops, it lacked a packing house for sweet potatoes. With close proximity to truck routes on major Interstates, and operating less than a three-hour drive from the Port of Norfolk's container ships, we decided to launch Boyette Brothers Produce to create a hub for packing and transport of sweet potatoes. Our family built a sweet potato packing house in Wilson, North Carolina to service our customers' growing needs. With three loading docks, two dedicated packing lines (stainless steel packing line and an organic packing line), our center bustles six days per week. We were one of the first sweet potato pack houses in North Carolina to add a stainless steel packing line. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to accommodate any packing request throughout the year. Contact us to schedule a tour of our sweet potato packing house. You're welcome to visit and tour with us!

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