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Arnavutkoy In 1998 a small boat service began in Yenikoy Takanik fish harbor. Expand its customer base in a short time with Takanik flavors and reasonable prices, with a larger boat and makeshift concept has expanded its customer capacity. This new floating boat concept we have created has been very successful. The unsatisfied salad and fish of the taste soon became known to Istanbul all over Takanik. Takanik fish floated after the boat, and then it landed. In the most beautiful spot of Yeniköy, the same concept and a wider menu fleet continued to satisfy the customers. In 2008, another branch of the Bosphorus opened its second branch in Arnavutköy on an intense request from customers. In Takanik Arnavutköy, which shows the success of Arnavutköy's most popular venues for a short period, the third branch was opened again in Yeniköy. In the third branch opened to meet the intense demand in Yeniköy, very short reaction was received from the customers. In 2011, the fourth branch was put into service in Suadiye. Takanik continues to work harder and more delicious every day to provide better service to you.

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