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If the ancient pride of our capital, the National Opera of Ukraine, would look in the mirror, what would it want to see there? For sure, a young face of the stylish facade, crowned with elegant cherry curls, attracting intrigued visitors. Now it can really enjoy such a spectacle, because just opposite the Opera House is the Opera restaurant - an echo of the true culinary opera aesthetics. In the first place, Opera is the art of discreet luxury. In the combination of elaborated decor lines with comfort and functionality, you can guess the domination of art deco – an easy, elegant, modern style of organizing space. The lounge area, decorated with a black carpet and glossy tables surfaces, even on a clear day wraps up the space in an expensive evening chic. The twisted patterns on the soft velvet walls and the floor are extended with lacework on the glass doors that lead into the karaoke room. Red lightning brings an atmosphere of bohemian informality. Having looked into a wine list at a wide variety of European, Ukrainian and Georgian wines, cocktails, soft drinks (special teas and coffees), and aromatic hookahs (with milk, fruit, elder, wine and absinthe), we can assume that a long and relaxing pastime awaits for guests here. Opera is the art of taming negligence with soft, light and non-binding perfection. The restaurant hall on the second floor is decorated in a milky-black scheme, which gives it a special purity and nobility. The elegant interior of this bright spacious room overlooking the Opera House resembles a cruise ship. Snow-white tablecloths are topped with vases with red roses, and the walls are decorated with Venetian masks framed by golden baguette. It is the realm of theatrical coquetry and chaste romance. Opera is the art of affordable luxury. Despite the elegance of Art Nouveau atmosphere and the elite location, the pricing policy is very democratic here. In the menu you will see two prices for a dish: the lower one, at a 20% discount, is for breakfast (from 9:00 to 12:00) and business lunch (12:00 to 16:00). And finally, Opera is a culinary art. The Opera’s libretto is a popular and high-quality European cuisine. Notes from Italy sound with the Carbonara pasta sauce or Bolognese and fettuccini; a stroke from France is played with Duck a la Orange, mullet under bechamel sauce, dorado under DorBlu sauce. The main part belongs to the dishes from Chef: Pozharskaya cutlet, duck breast with berry sauce, foie gras with raspberry sauce, Dorado or sea bass in salt. In the culinary part of Opera some elements of gastronomic Kabuki are interwoven: Sushi, nigiri, rolls, sashimi and Japanese soups. The page under the title ‘National Opera of Ukraine’ is also very intriguing. Here classic Ukrainian dishes are offered, a bit soaked in the taste of old Kiev: beef tongue with horseradish and sour cream, chicken Kiev, liver with sour cream and onion, potato pancakes, dumplings and pancakes. Hurry up, Opera has already made an appointment with you, and it intends to exceed your expectations. After all, if the taste for opera singing is developed differently in people, the taste for opera rest, food and comfort is

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