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RESTAURANT: Enjoy the best taste Istanbul has to offer with our spin off the traditional Turkish cuisine and 360istanbul's international flare. Our menu features cuisine and therefore lends itself very well with the Turkish sequence of service. Starting with Mezes made especially for sharing with your table partners. There exquisite morsels have been carefully selected and sectioned into Veggie, Sushi Samba, Crisp Pastries, Fish and Shellfish, Salads and Soups. Next our main courses are presented in selection of Slow Foods and Specialities, East-West Pasta, 360 Alternative Pizza and a wide range of meat and vegetable delights from our charcoal grill. Many of the main courses are our orginal recipes again mixing Turkish and international influences. Coupled with an ingeniously engineered and extensive wine menu, you can rest assure that we will have perfect combination of wine and dish to achieve a gastronomic orgasm. Last but not least, prepare yourself for our infamous desserts, which range from an assortment of mouth-watering sorbets and orginal pastries, to our climatic "Death by Chocolate" dish to squarely end your meal. All this, including staff that cares and adressess your every need as if you were in their own home, you can guarantee that you and your guests will have one of the most remarkable dining experiences in your life. BAR: How about a cocktail? Our award winning barmen have over 20 years of experience making drinks and cocktails together with an extensive range of spirits, beers, and fresh beverages. We are proud to have some of the best awards in Istanbul for orginal cocktails with dazzling appearances. Our selection contains of 360's special recipes, the classics, martinis, mojitos, margaritas, shots, ice cocktails, virgin drinks and detox fresh fruit mixes are presented in a funky colorful style and intergated with our desert menu, which you can purchuase for decorative reference for making some of our drinks in your own home. CLUB: The club is an integral part of the "360" concept and comes alive especially on the weekends. Club guests usually arive at midnight and party till the morning hours. Entrance is never guaranteed. On a given night 360 explodes into a interactive fusion of entertinment. You may easily find one of the partners, Sashah, jump up and start singing his trademark track. Sashafaction! There's never a dull moment and surprises lie lieterally around every corner, just at Club360. TR: Uluslararası alanda bir marka olmayı başaran 360ISTANBUL, BEYOĞLU’ nda tarihi MISIR APARTMANI' nın en üst katında yer alıyor. Büyülü şehir İstanbul' u 360 derece görme imkanı bulabildiğiniz mekanda, Boğaz’ ın, Ayasofya’ nın, St.Antoine Kilisesi' nin ve Galata Kulesi' nin tam ortasında eşsiz bir manzara sizi bekliyor. Farklı ve unutamayacağınız lezzetler sunan 360ISTANBUL haftasonları geceyarısı CLUB360’ a dönüşerek uluslararası DJ’ lerin, dansçıların ve müzisyenlerin performanslarıyla sizi eğlencenin doruğuna çıkarıyor. Bu gruba üye olarak gerçekleştireceğimiztüm partilerden ve özel etkinliklerden ilk siz haberdar olacaksınız...

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