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Akmerkez AVM The Sosa brand in its larger form, is founded on a non-term values like health, speed and taste, although there is innovation in their genes. Sosa basically makes salads and healthy foods. Product presentation, store design, quality of the staff and representation of the restaurant sector of western modern lifestyle. We do not offer food in Sosa; we offer health, flavor and comfort. We at Sosa have everything 3T: we are careful to be fresh, clean and presenting a Thesis. In Sosa we give importance to 3S in all our relationships: Love, Level and Sincerity. We are constantly searching for new tastes in Sosa and we do. Our biggest guide here is our customers and their wishes and likes. We believe that working in Sosa is a privilege, and we live in the comfort of knowing that some of the money earned here is spent to help those who can not find these foods.

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